The Typotastic APP is a 5 star rated iOS app, it magically turns your words into outstanding 3D videos. Create 4 second video loops or still images with 3D fonts and FX that normally take hours and 3D skills with just one tap.

My role
I worked on this project from April 2016 till Novemeber 2017 (19 months), I worked on creating algorithm that based on designer's input, which consists of GameObject with child meshes of text and decorations created using VText saves all data and insights like relations between rows (size relation, distance...) and then based on that data and text that user input's creates new 3D sculpture that looks like designer's work but text is the one user typed in.

Editor script
All that work would result in about 1.5MB database, which is huge since it's made out of primitive data types (to put things in perspective that is 32,768 four byte variables) and all that data needs to be edited by designer for fine tuning, testing and making inprovements so I made editor script to easily edit all that.

Materials are also all dynamically applied based on predetermined rules made by designers and on rules made while generating the sculpture.

All animations are math based, this is needed since they need to run on procedurally generated structures, I used a lot of different methods here including tweeners, bezier curves, a lot of different kinds of interpolators and Reaction-diffusion system in combination with RenderTextures for texture animation.