PIXELRULES (UNFINISHED) a fantasy Viking action rpg that uses Norse themes and artefacts as gameplay elements, with some cool and over the top characters, but not taking itself too seriously. Just a fun dungeon crawler with a driving narrative and a big world to explore.

The World
You must explore dangerous lands fighting monsters, big and small. Explore every city, every dungeon, smash every enemy and liberate forts and villages to accomplish this task. And helping the villagers of Tuen means they will help you to choose your next move in the game wisely, to please the gods and save your people.

The Weapons
In order to fight great wars, heroes need ancient runic arms and armour crafted by the gods themselves. Starting with basic melee weapons like the spiked mace and long sword you must aquire greater and more powerful weapons to survive in your quest.

Might Of The Vikings has been in development since 2015 by Pixel Rules Studios, and will soon be launched on Kickstarter! So far we have developed several prototype game maps and fully animated characters such as vikings, creatures and even humble villagers that will bring this Norse fantasy tale to life. Our team has decades of combined of experience in games development and Might Of the Vikings brings together that experience and passion for games.